Gion Festival  祇園祭


Above the ticket gate of Kyoto station

It is getting near to Gion Festival (17th、the parade of floats)
The music of Gion Festival with drum and gong was being played in Kyoto station.
Though I was born and grew up in Kyoto city, I did not learn about Kyoto well
In fact, I learned Okinawa rather than Kyoto
According to Ktoto Shinbun
It explains about Gion Festival as follows.


Gion Matsuri Yamahoko Junko
Gion Festival dates back to 869 (early Heian Period). At the time, a virulent epidemic was decimating the people of Kyoto and in order to appease the god of Yasaka Shrine (then called Gion Shrine) prayers were offered and 66 "hoko" (halberds) representing each province of Japan ware presented to the god.The pulling of the "yama" and "hoko" floats through the streets of Kyoto, the highlight of the festival, is said to have begun in the Muromachi Period (14th to 16th century). The Gion Festival is a month-long festival beginning on July 1st when "kippu-iri" or the placing of the names of the "yama"and "hoko" into a box takes place. The next day, the names are drawn to decide the order in which the floats should be placed for the parade. On the 17th, the parade departs from Shijo-Karasuma with the Naginata-boko heading the line of gorgeously decorated floats. The parade proceeds west along Shijo Street making a stop at Shijo-sakai-mach, where the Mayor of Kyoto City checks that the floats are in the order of the drawing held on the 2nd.

四条烏丸からスタート。巡行は四条通に沿って西(※東の間違い?)に進み、四条堺町に止まって、市長から 屋台が2日にくじで決めた順番どおりになっているかどうかチェックを受ける。