The New York Go Center  ニューヨーク碁センター

Wed/4/July /rain

Michio Takahashi 9dan, who is Japanese professional Shogi player, can talk
in English, can't he?
I was surprised to watch on the scene he talked about Shogi to British host,
That's great.
I hope to increase the number of Shogi or Go professional player who can talk in English,from now on ,
By the way,
How many lovers of Shogi or Go ,which are Japanese traditional game ,are in the world?
I t seems to be a lot of lovers, unexpectedly
In Go
, There are a lot of Go parlors (or club) in the world .

For example , U.S.A
According to the website of the New York Go Center
They introduce about their parlor as follow.

"The New York Go Center is a gathering place for Go players from all over the world. It was created to foster knowledge and appreciation of the art of Go and to promote international friendship through Go playing.
The Center opens at 5pm Tuesday through Friday, and at 1pm on weekends. It is closed on Monday. Our 3 floors can seat over 60 players.
Thursday is beginner's night. The playing fee is $7 ($5 for students and family.) Food, free instruction, and new friends are generally available."

It may be good to drop in at Go parlor, in traveling abroad





G clef
2007年07月05日 08:56
Hi! Kura-san
I read the website of the New York Go Center, which was very interesting, especially the History and Founder, Iwamoto Kaoru 岩本薫 9-dan.
I watched Photo Gallery in the website, which seems to be having fun.
Do you always watch the program "Weekend Japanology"?
I have known the program, but have never watched it, though I have sometimes searched it in the website.
I'd very much like to watch it.
2007年07月05日 13:37
Hi!G clef-san
I have always watched the program "Weekend Japanology" ,which recorded on DVD, since last year.
I think it is the TV program of good quality
It broadcasts for foreigner content on the main theme of Japanese culture such as Japanese performing arts, Japanese dishes, and so on.
It is interesting for me to be broadcast the history of particular field,
I was able to learn a lot of matters through the program.